Our cuisine focuses on real food from plant sources that are unrefined and minimally processed. At Plantiful, we focus on using ingredients you can trust and are backed by science. We believe that health is the ultimate wealth, and our goal is to help you restore your health & well-being. 



Our food is free from refined sugar, gluten, and dairy. 

Will you get enough proteins from plant-based diet? Absolutely! Proteins from plant sources include legumes, nuts, seeds, whole-grains, fruits and vegetables! The belief that you can only get proteins from animal is just a myth. In fact, animal protein consumption is linked with chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. At Plantiful, you'll never have to worry about not getting enough proteins from plants! To your surprise, you will get more than the standard dietary requirements!


All of our food are made fresh daily in our kitchen. We never use chemicals, preservatives or MSG to enhance our food because we believe in eating healthfully. We focus on unrefined wholefood ingredients in combination with cooking tips & techniques that will maximize the bioavailability of nutrients. For instance, turmeric is always paired with black pepper to enhance curcumin absorption into the blood, nuts are soaked overnight to get rid of enzyme inhibitors, and cruciferous vegetables are always chopped beforehand to maximize sulforaphane production!


Not all fats are the same! While trans fat, saturated fats and hydrogenated fats are undeniably bad, monounsaturated fats (olive, avocados, almonds, macadamias, cashews) and polyunsaturated fats (omega-3 fats: flaxseed, walnut, sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, chia seeds) are indeed essential for you. Our brain is largely made out of fats, and they need good fats to be functioning well. Indulge in high fat food like avocados, olive oil and nuts because they're so good for your brain & body! 


Calories in does not mean calories out. Different types of fats and carbs are metabolized differently in the body. For instance, complex carbs (ie. sweet potatoes) metabolize slower than simple carbs (ie. russet potatoes) - causing a lower spike in the GI index and making them a better option for your body! On the other hand, good fats  from avocados, olive oil, nuts & seeds may be high in fat content, however, they don't actually make you fat! As long as you choose the right thing to eat, you will never have to worry about calorie counting anymore!


Get all your phytonutrients with eating various kinds of plants. Every color reflects different kind of phytonutrients, and by eating rainbow, you're ensuring that you get a bit of everything! For instance, green contains chlorophyll, iron, magnesium and Vitamin K. Yellow contains beta carotene, Vitamin A and alpha carotene. Red contains lycopene, Vitamin C and anthocyanin. Not only will a plate full of rainbow colors make a palatable dish, but it makes you beautiful as well! Eat pretty to stay pretty!


Sulfur-rich vegetables help the body detoxify toxins and eliminate waste. Sulfur is an essential mineral because it is the precursor to a powerful antioxidant -glutathione, which helps in detoxification.

Not only that, sulfur is also known as the Beauty Mineral because it stimulates collagen and keratin production. It makes your hair shiny, and gives you strong nails and beautiful skin. Sulfur-rich vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, bokchoy, garlic, onion, etc. At Plantiful, we incorporate as much sulfur-rich vegetables as possible to give you a golden beauty glow!



We believe that food can have a powerful impact on health. Food these days at the supermarket are full of chemicals and preservatives. At Plantiful, we cook real food - food that is nourishing, nutritious, and free from chemicals & preservatives. Our mission is to help people eat better and live healthier lifestyles.


The food we cook is designed to maximize nutrition intake without compromising taste. At Plantiful, our mission is to redefine what it means to eat well!


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